Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby or Dog... What a Toss Up

Lately I have been getting very upset at myself because my once big, comfy jeans are the ones that only fit if I put them on in the wee small hours of the morning when I haven't eaten in a good 7 or 8 hours. Le weep! I feel like a chubby baby who has nothing to do but eat and sleep. The true test is if I ever get mistaken for a pregnant lady. Heaven help me if I get asked when I'm due. I'll say " I'm due for lipo suction procedure tomorrow and I'll run away crying.
Riley is on call this next week. This means he gets about two calls every hours during the night to ask permission to do anything with the clients. (Riley is over the staff and the staff are over the clients who have numerous handicaps from MS to cerebral palsy. The worst of this situation is that the staff pages him and the Riley calls back whoever pages him. the pager either has a beeping sound that sounds like a fire alarm or a vibrator which sounds like a sick disposal. So in the middle of the about 2x an hour I am awakened thinking I am in a large fire or that I have put a fork down the disposal again. What a week it will be. Luckily he is only on call for a week every three months or so.
Riley has been on my case about getting a dog. I just don't want to be that house that right when you walk in you can smell dog and see the blanket of fur on our furniture. Woof. He says it will prepare us for children. I just don't know what to say to that.
I have received quite a bit of grief from my last blog and stating the amount of moo-law we roughly have in our account. No one told me why it was un-cooth (mother) or why I should refrain from doing such things. So the inquiring minds, including my sisters and mom, will never again know of the stash we have. You'll just have to wonder!
We don't have any pictures on our blog of us because, well we just haven't. Sounds like a good Sunday project.Have you gotten your new Ensign yet? I love that cover picture. Happy Sabbath!

"My colors are blush and bashfull, Mama!... I have chosen two shades of pink one is much deeper than the other..." - Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a "crack" up

Good Evening!
My dear husband wanted to have a little glory to add to the blog so he decided he would be in charge of the pic on the right as I'm sure he will change periodically. This picture of bums, I'm sure is just a beginning to more artistic wonders such as this one. Riley and I just went to Mongolian BBQ and then to Albertson's where earlier today we bought 21 boxes of cereal for the cheap price of $15. Corn flakes and frosted mini wheats galore.
I am probably the richest I have ever been. Before the title of my life was "necessity is indeed the mother of invention" as you may soon discover as you walk into our home and see a Happy Birthday Barbie card with pink fluff on it and see it's use for decoration on the fridge. What a beauty. Now I can decorate with painting kits from Family dollar and the dollar store.
I've decided to end each of my blogs with a quote. So I decided on one of the very best to start with, 'till we meet again
"Congradulations Mr. Sims! You are the fattest boy in camp." -Heavy Weights

Friday, March 14, 2008

Am I really doing this?

I would not feel like a true married mormon girl if I did not soon become a blogger. This is how I decided to become a blogger:
I am home alone. Freshly out of the shower, ( I wish my hair dried straight and shiny) waiting for my dear husband who left me early this evening to go play Texas hold 'em with some guys at work. I told him he could only gamble our goodies from the house so I wouldn't eat them. ( The Gray's house of goodies consists of an empty bag of circus animal crackers with about 100 sprinkles in the bottom and a WinCo bag of sugar-free, chocolate covered pretzels.) I hope he wins. I checked both of my sisters blogs, looked for a scooter on e-bay and felt the impression to start another project. Some of my other projects consist of scrap booking, reading vampire love novels, and other romantic endeavors. "There is a vail covering the ways of feminine life, best left undisturbed"- Little Woman.
I will soon reveal some pics of Riley and I and put some great songs so when you enter my blog you can't help but to throw your arms in the air and sing, sing, sing. Riley gets mad at me for sing too loud. He hasn't accepted that part of me yet...he will .
My sister, bro-in-law and only niece an neph. are in the middle of a tornado so I'm a little worried. If that scene comes to them hopefully they will find a water pipe sticking up out of the ground, take of Wayne's belt and strap themselves to it while they are being sucked up a vortex of terror.
Well, I need to call my hub and make sure he hasn't gambled away are livelihood. Till we meet again.(I'm quite curious who I'm really talking to)