Sunday, February 8, 2009

Riley James Gray

I Iwould like to shout from the roof-tops how much I love Riley. Instead, I will post a blog just for him. Here are just some of the millions of reasons why I have the greatest husband...

He makes me home made dinners that surpass anything I could get in a restaurant

When I want to drive, he let's me

When I can't sleep, he plays with my hair until I am

When I eat fruit, he moves to the other couch...instead of throwing up

He makes best friends with complete strangers that I consider truly strange

He always wants to pick-up hitch-hikers

When I'm sad, he's sad

When I make "surprise dinners" he takes two helpings even though I know it tastes bad

He gives me flowers just because

He sings duets at the piano with me

He eats brown rice instead of white because I ask him to

He never pushes the snooze buttom, ( I push it at least 3 times)

He doesn't snore

He has a better sense of style then I do

When I play the piano he turns my pages

He misses me when I'm gone

...and there's so many more!

Three cheers for Riley! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!