Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alturas Lake

Mom and Dad on the canoe!
The whole clan!
One of Emmy's favorite spots in the lodge!
Check out that view!
Fishing was so fun minus the worms...
Ah, Amazing!!!!
Uncle Jake and Emmy ready to go catch some fish!

Emmy is SO glad that Daddy is home
Gav and Emm's eating some of Uncle Craig's popcorn
Emmy and Lucy loved to sweep the lodge

We had some much fun up at Cabin Creek. It was so beautiful and not too cold, (except for the first night) We stayed in our own little cabin, Moroni. The camp is a usual spot for YW camping. Each cabin had a Book of Mormon name. It was fun. Besides the amazing food, (homemade doughnuts, fried oreos, etc. ) I love my family and I love to hang out with them. I especially can't wait until July and we head up to the Oregon Coast! Did I mention we are SO happy that Riley is home?!?!?!?!!!!