Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eating Machine!!!

Emmy has been a pretty picky eater for a while now. However, within the last week or so she has become an eating machine! We have a rule at our house, ( adopted by the Mortensen's) that you have to try at least one bite. If it's new it takes Emmy a while, (usually 10 or so minutes of whining, 'no mom', tears etc.) to try a bite but once she does she usually likes it and then eats her entire plate. Now to master the trial of potty training...

Emmy LOVES to brush hair, play with makeup, twirl in dresses, paint her toe nails and anything else feminine. But she ESPECIALLY loves to brush hair. Heidi came over and she has lots of long hair. Emmy brushed her hair for a good 20 minutes. One day I was laying on the couch with my hair hanging over the arm rest while she brushed my hair. It feels so good! I fell asleep for 3 or 4 minutes and woke up with REALLY wet hair from the squirt bottle and several bows and clips all over my head. She is such a girly girl and I love it! So does her Daddy.
Speaking of Riley we were at JC Penny last week and he saw in the little girls isle all of the "underwear" and training bras and bikini swim suits and he started to hyperventilate and started mumbling about how he's not going to be able to handle this and what is he going to do when this or that happens. I said, "Riley, she's two!" Then we went on our merry way. Just thought I'd share that little story:)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun in February

Nothing like playing in a pan of orange, sugar-free jello on a Sunday afternoon.

Emmy as been jumping off of everything lately. Look for her in the 2030 olympics.
Emmy LOVES to look at our mini primary hymn book and look at the pictures.
If Emmy gets tired enough and is in arm's length of her blanky she will lay herself down.

I was in the middle of putting baked potatoes in the oven and Emmy got a hold of the tin foil and pulled a good five feet of it out. As i was on the verge of a good scolding I decided I would join in the fun. We played with it then I had a the bright idea of making a sort of cape out of it. Emmy did not approve. Not at all.
At my friend Crystal's Wedding reception they had warm chocolate to dip strawberries. Emmy somehow got a big splatter of chocolate all over her face.Grandma Gray got Emmy a super cute doggy with a heart shaped nose for V-day and 2 lbs of chocolate for me and Riley(I accidentally left that at my parents house so I wouldn't have to eat it.)We went to aunt Nee-nee's (Shertine's) house and decorated valentine's cookies.