Friday, January 7, 2011

The Holidays

Riley was able to come home a week before Christmas and was able to stay until Jan 3rd. It was wonderful to see him but AWFUL to say good-bye , again. Riley brought me home a nice case of strep B that we both had through the holidays. He got pneumonia his 3rd week at basic and, I don't think, ever fully recovered. Though we felt awful we had a great holiday season and can't wait until we see Daddy again, (only 162 days till he's home!!!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Like Rosie

Military Wife.
Many 'a time I have heard the term but never really thought much about it. Now I am one. First, don't take it the wrong way... Riley is amazing for what he is doing for our family. We have already received many blessing because of his service. I love him for it! HOWEVER, this separation business is not for the weak hearted. The first 5 weeks seemed like months and it has been 2 days since he left from Christmas break and this next 6 month stretch I feel will be a doozy.
Funny story, sort of. Riley, Emmy and I were at the airport. It was time to say goodbye. The tears that had been flowing the past 12 hours now started to POUR! As we are giving our last hurrah this darling, ( I use the term lightly) lady comes over and practically pulls us apart saying, " I don't mean to interrupt but I just wanted to thank you for your service." Grabs Riley's hand and shakes it. Them starts saying some mummbo jummbo to me while I am trying to wipe the tears and snot off my face to get what's going on. She said something like she knows it hard... That;s about all I got but I was mad at her for making me do the goodbye hug all over again. A woman can only take so much!!!!
I think about my cousin-in-law Tanya who has spent more time away from her husband than together since they've been married and I say I have it easy.
If my dear Linz were here she would pull out her Rosy the Riviter poster, pull her "guns" out and tell me to be like Rosy. So, I will roll up my sleeves and attempt to servive another day without my hubby. Only 165 days to go...