Friday, July 15, 2011

New BYU-I center...AMAZING!

Here's the new center they just built. It look just like the conference center but I heard holds a couple thousand less, still it is a site!

George and Jenna


Sherstine and I took a crazy fast trip to Rexburg last Saturday. Heidi sang in a concert wit George Dyer. Our family is his biggest fan and a few years ago Heidi, Jake, Aunt Lisa and I took a similar road trip to see him in concert. He is MARVELOUS! Sherstine was able ( and willing) to touch George's bicept in the picture of the four of us. She can't stop talking about it. Ask her... Heidi's choir unbelievable!!! BYU-I choirs are GREAT!!! I think they men's choir exceed's that of BYU's... no joke. It was a fun trip and we can't wait to see Heidi this week to go to the coast. We really wished Kaylene could have come as well but understand that she was big with child.
Jenna Lilly Waite was born July 11. She is SO cute and SO tiny. She has super dark hair and everyone agrees she look just like Lucy did. She has a bit of chub on her legs and really long toes. She is so adorable and will make even the most nonbaby person, baby hungry. We all love her and wish she could come play in the ocean next week.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

America, America God shed His grace on thee.

Sherstine! Your face in on fire!
Livia's awesome hair
Sherstine, Gage, Wayne, Blake, Chelsea, Kaylene (Jenna)

Emmy LOVED the sparklers.
Mom, Aunt DeAnna, Aunt Sybil, Aunt Cheri
Emmy, Gavin and Lucy on the teeter-totter, (Emmy and Lucy were on it for a good 30 min)
Grandpa and the "two girls" ( Lucy always says two girls when they are both being held by the same person 0

I always liked that song because my name is in it several times :)
We had a great 4th of July with an early ward breakfast where Riley gave a little devotional about what it's like to serve in the Army and women were crying (hopefully because it was good). We had a fabulous picnic at Wayne and Sybil's then we went to the park for fire works!!! I mostly was thinking about the military people who serve, especially Riley and how thankful I am for them. I have had my eyes opened to the military life a little and the sacrifices people have made. It may not be a perfect country with perfect leaders but I am so grateful for the life I have.
Shout out to my AMAZING husband and to my cousins Chris Hall, Eric Spjute, Randy Ball and Chad Borup! I love you all!