Tuesday, August 17, 2010

X-ing it up!!!

My sister Sherstine and her hub, Wayne have started the P90X challenge! This post is dedicated to them. I ran a mile today if that means anything...
My name to fame (as I blogged about before) is that I have indeed beheld Mr. Tony Horton. I worked out with him. I saw the sweat of his brow. He even corrected my posture in the infamous "downward dog". The picture of the girl is some professional women wrestler. Not as cool.
AH, Tony. He really liked me, I could tell.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"In the Army National Guard, YOU CAN!"

Dad has to be at the potium.
Riley's Aunt Merilyn and Mom and Dad
Grandma Gray
Some guy who acted really intimidating.

Last Friday we swore our lives away to "The Man". Private Riley Gray is in the Army National Guard! It's been a long journey to get here as we started to enter into the Navy last Fall and now here we are in another branch. Until he leaves for Boot camp he will be doing weekends( one weekend a month) at Gowen Field here in Boise. He leaves November 9th for his 10 week boot camp in South Carolina then heads to San Antonio Texas for 17 weeks at Fort Sam. while he trains for his position as medical corman. Then he gets to come home, go to school for free and become a Captain in the ROTC prgram at BSU. The Army deployment is every 5 years for 1 year. They are heading out this September so he will miss the deployment and they will only have abou 3 months left when he gets back from training. There will be a slight possibility he may go for those 3 months but we are praying for the best! I am an expensive diabetic and I am so glad Riley is willing to do anything for my dumb supplies and to take care of our family and get an education. He is amazing and I love him a whole heap!!! Today he is supposed to be running and 8 1/2 minute mile. We'll see how that goes. He looks SO good in his uniform by the way. Pictures of that to come.

And so it begins!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't Judge Me!!!

I will admit that I love The Bachelorette!! Yes, I know it's full of drama but here I am excited for the season finally tonight! Riley rolls his eyes in a big way when I ask him if he wants to watch it with me each monday. He never has. I know at least Heidi will watch it with me!

I'm %100 Roberto ocer Chris for one reason and one reason only, he is GORGEOUS!!!

I also ate 4 snow cones last week. Yikes.