Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Real Men Don't Eat Gluten

What a perfect couple we have become: the diabetic and the man with celiac's
                                                                                                    details forth coming...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Make up, spaghetti and more!

 On our first trip to the zoo this year Riley got a zoo pass!! Needless to say, we go often! The comodo dragon as a super orange tongue! Weird!

 Emmy LOVES putting on make-up. Especially lip gloss. She found my eye shadow one day and was in the bathroom for a good 25 minutes carefully applying it to her 'eye lid'. She was so proud!
      Who knew spaghetti night could be so cute.

    Emmy was swimming around all by herself!

Grandpa and all the grand kids, except Bennett.   Kaylene took us swimming at the athletic club. So fun!!

Emmy was upstairs playing,  dressed normally with her hair in a braid. She came down looking like this! The picture doesn't show her color very well but right after I took it she started turning blue. We hurried and took off the head bands from around her neck and had a talk about putting things around our neck. Now she puts everything around her neck! Cords, belts, shirts, blankets.... Oh dear.