Friday, December 3, 2010

Gas Chambers!!!



After much searching I found the Delta Company 2-39th ( the company that Riley is in) facebook page. These are the only pictures he's in. I believe they are being prepped for "The Gas Chamber". How intimidating! They all enter this building in gas masks, take them off and have to exit in an orderly manner keeping their wits about them. In a previous letter Riley said he was looking forward to this! We'll see what he says after experiencing it. In the second to the last picture he is sitting on the second bench from the bottom on the very left. In the very bottom picture he is on the very right, sitting on the bench on the right. The others are just some of the people suffering from his company. May I apologize to these people for flaunting them on my blog, especially Burdick. Sorry Burdick.( Click on his picture to get the full effect). I thought Riley would have less hair. I am pleased he doesn't. 13 days and counting!!!
p.s. I feel like the rest of these kids look like they're 12!!!!