Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Race, A Wedding, and a Recital

Wayne, Sherstine and I ran the great potato race last Saturday. It was LOTS of fun. Sherstine got some great looks running a 5K being 7 months prego. I ran the 10K. It was lots of fun.
My cousin Ryan and Audrey were married a few weeks ago. It was great! It was especially fun to see my cousin Eric and his wife who live in Hawaii. I also liked the chocolate covered strawberries.
Liv had a "Let's play music" recital. She was the best, naturally. We're excited for her to start learning the piano next year. She already knows solfege as well as I do!! Way to go Livia.
And of course we need some pictures of Emmy and Zoot.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Can you say derby?!!!!!...... and prom

...May I add, these are homemade hats!

The Mortensen Family

All the girls...

Dad in his "derby" hat displaying mom's sugar cookie horses.

Liv eating a derby hat.

Riley chowin' down on some Kentucky Hot Browns (so delicious)!!!

The Waite Family

Heidi and he CUTE date Nate. These pictures do not need any subtitles. I remember mom having to but on a boot-ta-neer on for one of my dates and can I say I have the coolest Dad in the world!