Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Shoot

We did a little photo shoot with Emmy for Christmas. These are the best smiles I've ever seen on this girl. She usually is not looking at the camera and smiling or looking at the camera with  goofy eyebrows. Even still, always an angel in my eyes!

Friday, November 14, 2014

10 months

Emmy says a lot of things. Things that are very hilarious. Some not so understandable, some completely brilliant and mind boggling. And most of them , I forget. I also forget  how fast she (we) grow up. And then it's gone. So I return to my blog. I can definitely type up a blog post faster then writing in a journal. Yesterday Emmy said, " Mom if uncle Jake gets any taller I won't be able to marry him..." (for a while she wanted to just marry her cuz Gage. But then he was into the whole 'I'm marrying my mom' and Emmy would have none of that. So who's next in line but uncle Jake.)
It's things like these that can bring a smile. Though not very significant now, it will be in 10 years when she might actually really think getting married, (heaven help us!)
And so I update the blog....
                                                           Dance stretches on the stairs
                                   At the 'fancy' hotel in Rexburg to see Heidi's Opera Scenes
                                                             Heidi was phenomenal!
Took these cute kids (Emmy, Liv, Gav) to Mary Poppins at a local High School.
                                             Then to YOGURTZ for serve yourself fro yo
               Emmy is almost always in a dress up clothes. Here she is stirring  vegetable soup!
                                                          Princesses Lucy, Emmy and Jenna
                                                            Scooter riding with Grandpa
                                                    Practicing her smiles for the camera
                                           Secret Garden rehearsals! ( I was the music director for the Boise Music Week musical this year. These people became family. We spent a lot of time together and had SOOO much fun. If you haven't heard SG music, it is FABULOUS!
Just a cross walk away from the greenbelt. We went on many an adventure finding sticks, animals and brought home loads of rocks!
                                                                Chelsea is pregnant
                                          Fakir (Johnny) and the Ayah from Secret Garden
                             Albert (Uncle Carl) and some girl who looks really quite awkward
                               I went to my LAST year of training for Let's Play Music. Emmy and I stayed with cousin April. Emmy still talks about playing with 'those other cousins'. We made an impromptu stop when  Emmy asked, " Doesn't Linz live in Utah?" I replied "She did before she went to heaven." Emmy sweetly replies, " Well her SPIRIT is in heaven but her body is still in Utah so let's go visit her" So we did.
                                                           Baby Milo!
                                            Wedding planner Livia spruces up Emmy and slicks Gage's hair back for their 'wedding'. Remember, before the big fall out Emmy was going to marry Gage. Here they are walking down the isle.
            I probably should have stopped it but I was too busy laughing,  taking hilarious pictures. Sorry if kissing cousins offends you.
                                                                Post ceremony dance.
                                                    Emmy, Riley (the dog) and June Thomas. Our dear friend who Emmy and I used to take to church every Sunday before she went to assisted living. 94 and still kickin'!

                                     Emmy LOVES to dance! Thanks to Mrs. Sherri! Best dance teacher EVER!!!!
                               I ALWAYS look for deals. $1.47 for cute zipper Old Navy pants!
                                                     Waiting for the recital to start
                                                               Grandma Great

                                                              Our new home!!
                                                   Riley RARELY let me take pictures of him. Here we are at Luciano's, a local Italian restaurant that is DELICIOUS! We then drove up to Garden Valley and saw Starlight Mountain's theater Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
                                 Happy Father's Day! A dutch oven and a special note from Emmy
               Driving Emmy to swim lessons and a bird poops right on my arm! Sadly this is not the first, second or third time this has happened. Go figure.
                                                   Meridian Dairy Days on a SUPER hot day!
  From a weird little estate sale store out of someone's 10,000 sq ft house in meridian.
A screamin' deal from the DI. Jake received this beauty for his birthday. You're welcome
JULY be continued

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So, it's really been a while sine I've blogged.
Reason being I  couldn't remember the password to sign on to the blogger.
I asked Riley.
We always have pretty much the same password for EVERYTHING.
Riley knows intricate facts about the 49ers, Joe Montana bla bla.
I tried all our various ways of our beloved password.
I figured I just would start a new blog.
I was looking at some college picture of me and my bosom cousin.
She loved llamas.
I'm not really sure why.
Maybe her sister knows.
I looked at a certain picture I have of her gently stroking a llama figurine one of her sisters gave her.
Then I remembered my password.
Thanks, Linz.
Couldn't have done it without you.

Monday, September 9, 2013

9 to 5

For the entirety for our married life, (6 years!!!) Riley has not had a normal 9-5 job. When we met he worked at an in between house for juvenile offenders, from then on he has been in the medical field, of sorts, which of course have always been open 24/7. We've always had to worry about whether he was going to work on Thanksgiving or Christmas. He ALWAYS worked Saturdays.
 I am not complaining. We are grateful for the jobs he has had. But we are SSSOOOO grateful that he only has 2 more days in a job like that!!! On Thursday he starts a 9-5 job, getting to basically pick his own hours and can sometimes work from home! What?! 
Here's to Thanksgiving AND Christmas with my husband for the first time EVER!!! 
I suspect there will be a lot more of this going on.